Table and plate waiting staff for hire ....

Waiting and serving staff are for hire upon request and are charged out according to the length of time required. Predominately hired plate waiting staff are drawn from or regular staff who are prepared to work unsocial hours.

For weddings that require hired serving and waiting staff, you would expect tables to be cleared of china, cutlery and glasses during and after the event. Your wedding day or any other event can be spoiled due to lack of staff. We therefore advise potential clients that one waiting person is required per 25/30 guests dependant upon the standard that you, the client, require.

Waiting staff hourly rates can range from low season rates, to high season rates plus Bank Holidays and after midnight.

Volume jobs such as Corporate fun days of 1,000 or more, require a lesser number of hired staff to guest ratio i.e. 1 - 60 

For example Harrow Rugby Club 2004.... our brief was to feed 1,000 family guests in 2 hours. We provided 500kgs (half a ton) of food, cooked 1,000 burgers, 1,000 sausages, 250kgs/550lbs of hog roast and served from 16 serving tables making up 6 serving stations. We supplied 16 staff and 2 supervisors to cover this event. Most of the plates, cutlery etc. used were disposable.

If you are not employing premium disposables you would normally double the staff to guest ratio. assuming that the spent china, cutlery and glasses could be deposited nearby.