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Hog Roast BBQ, whether it is for a private party, wedding, or corporate event our Company sources only the best locally grown hogs specifically chosen for their roasting characteristics. To date we have provided in excess of 43,000 generous portions of the most succulent spit roasted pig that you have ever tasted - not to mention the crackling!

With success after success and an organisation that boasts over 40 seasonal staff available, we pride ourselves as being the most reliable outside hogroast BBQ catering Company in this field in the UK.

As every catering requirement has a different challenge we have simplified the options that you may wish to purchase. This website is now over 20 pages. If you don't have the time to browse please send an e-mail from the contact page.

Hog Roast BBQ machine, 40 - 50 kg hog, to feed from 100 - 150 guest portions, fuel delivered, collected, cleaned and sterilised by us after use, free delivery within 25 mile radius of our base, plus you get :-


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Salad Buffet extra if required

Hog Roast BBQ machine, 50 - 62 kg hog, to feed 150 - 225 guest portions, fuel delivered, collected, cleaned and sterilised  by us after use, free delivery within 25 mile radius of our base plus :-


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Salad Buffet extra

 Salad options see complete range of salads available on our Salads & Buffet page.

Our hogs are EU certified and grown locally in Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex or Wiltshire Lambs are also EU certified and sourced from Wales.

* Conditions apply. Please consider booking your BBQ at the earliest opportunity as the availability is becoming limited between May - September 2016. Once quoted your quote is valid for 3 working days.

* Mileage charges apply to either BBQ or hog roasts, with or without chef to carve.

What is included:

We adhere to the strictest hygiene procedures backed up with trained staff boasting Chefs and Food handlers, who have all obtained at least the "CIEH Foundation Certificate" in Food Hygiene (formerly the Basic Food Hygiene Certificate).

Our chefs will wear proper attire, either chef’s whites or similar clothing and protective gloves whilst handling your food conforming to our protocols of presentation and hygiene. Your Hogs/Lambs are delivered into our store under temperature controlled conditions and then transported to your event under the same stringent parameters.

Food & Hygiene Regulations lay down guidelines for temperature probing meat whilst cooking, being stored and so on. Hog Roast staff have been trained to understand Health & Safety Regulations. All our machinery is sterilised before use and is CE approved by government inspectors.

Please note VAT is applied to any verbal or written quotes. We have absolutely no association with any other Hog Roasting Companies whom pre-cook and re-heat pork, or do not adhere to regulations and conditions mentioned in this information.

Clients who wish to make enquiries about wedding catering can call us or browse the options available on this website. We have purpose built kitchens and BBQ machines to prepare homemade salads which are free of chemicals and preservatives. In order to provide such fresh food our staff often work through the night preparing for events the following day.

We order from a 24 hour bakery which provides newly baked breads ensuring you food is delivered as fresh as possible